Biography Lien Pisters (EN)



While walking along the different routes in my carreer I passed many stops. From art schools to outdoor sports events, from surfing classes to theatre science, from fitness instructor programms to music-theatre masterclasses. All mounting up to become a trainer and performer able to combine all of these skills in my own specific way.


Sports and performance arts may seem like an odd combination. However: in Greek and Roman culture it already was part of their tradition. Back in the day it was anything but unusual that settlements had a gym sitting next to a theatre. Wellbeing, both physically and mentally, were considered key to society's health.


And even today, when you look for it, you will find examples of this cross-over. In the world of outdoor sports events, stage productions featuring live acts and arts accompany sports clinics and merge into one big get-together that celebrates the body and the mind.


It makes sense, when you consider how the 'magic' of a match can cut audiences loose from the sports basics and briefly lift spectators into a state of ecstasy. Just like stage performances do.

L.A.F.P. Training & Performances takes this principle to the next level and actively investigates the outer boundaries where arts and sports reach into each other's territories.


I'm convinced that both sports and arts are able to establish a connection: with ourselves, with other people, and with the planet we live on. A connection that seems to be lost sometimes nowadays. I hope to contribute to this reconnection in my own way by staging performances, teaching fitness classes and offering special clinics.



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